e-fuels production

Amp Americas

Amp Americas is a company that produces ultra low carbon intensity renewable natural gas (RNG) from dairy waste at 7 facilities in 3 states processing manure from over 100,000 cows.

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e-fuels production

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey Plc is a specialty chemicals company. The Company operates in five divisions: Emission Control Technologies, which is a manufacturer of catalysts and catalyst systems for vehicles and industry; Process Technologies, which is a supplier …

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Ammonia production, e-fuels production, Electrolyzers - PEM, Steam reformers, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production, Trucks

Mercurius Biorefining Inc.

Mercurius Biorefining is developing and scaling up technology to produce carbon negative drop in fuels and chemicals using its patented REACHâ„¢ process.

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e-fuels production, Liquid carrier production, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production

Novilla RNG

Novilla Renewable Natural Gas offers RNG consulting, Farmer Representation, and Operations Services in dairy farms’ manure-based renewable natural gas plants.

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Agriculture, e-fuels production

Par Pacific Holdings

Par Pacific owns and operates market-leading energy and infrastructure businesses in logistically-complex fuel markets in PNW, Wyoming, Montana, and Hawaii.
Par Pacific aims to become an e-fuel supplier through launching a renewable fuel production line in Tacoma, WA.

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e-fuels production, Methanol production, PNW production project, Refinery, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production


Vision RNG brought together a team of professionals with decades of experience across the natural gas and waste management industries. Combining proven LFG technologies with processes widely used in the conventional natural gas sector, the company provides a unique solution to capture, process, and commercialize LFG at mid-sized sites.

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e-fuels production

West Coast Biofuel

Renewable energy leadership through producing and delivering renewable fuel solutions for a sustainable world.

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e-fuels production, Refinery, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production