Liquid carrier production

Biogasclean A/S

Biogasclean is a Danish company specialized in biological desulfurization and methanation of biogas. We develop, manufacture and supply fully automated gas cleaning systems for H2S removal without the use of chemicals combining low operating costs with high availability. Biogasclean technology supports power-to-x and e-fuel production.

H2 conversion
Liquid carrier production

Chevron/ Renewable Energy Group (REG)

Chevron is building a leading renewable fuels business that can help lower the carbon intensity of transportation sector operations as well as other market segments. Headquartered in Ames, IA, Chevron Renewable Energy Group and the team are focused on growing Chevron’s portfolio of lower carbon fuels and developing new and novel feedstocks.

H2 conversion
Liquid carrier production, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production

Countrywide Hydrogen Pty Ltd

Countrywide Hydrogen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX-listed ReNu Energy Limited, an Australian company investing in renewable and clean energy companies.

H2 conversion, H2 production
Ammonia production, Liquid carrier production, Methanol production, Project development, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production


Eltronicptx is a Danish company that designs and delivers integrated process systems used to power their customers’ power-to-x technologies.

H2 conversion, H2 production, Technical & business services
Balance of plant, Consulting & advisory services, Engineering services, Liquid carrier production, Project development

Mercurius Biorefining Inc.

Mercurius Biorefining is developing and scaling up technology to produce carbon negative drop in fuels and chemicals using its patented REACH™ process.

H2 conversion
e-fuels production, Liquid carrier production, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production


OCOchem is commercializing an environmentally and economically sustainable CO2 transformation technology that converts carbon and renewable electricity into e-formic, a sustainably made form of the liquid organic chemical known as formic acid.

H2 conversion
Liquid carrier production