Darigold is a Northwest dairy cooperative owned by farm families throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

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General Electric

GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the ‘GE Store,’ through wh…

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Buses / transit, Data center, Maritime, Trucks

H2 Green Steel

H2 Green Steel aims to be fully integrated, digitalized and automated greenfield steel plant. By bringing together raw materials, renewable energy, local expertise, and artificial intelligence, the company aims to bring emissions down to zero.

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Hydrogen Technologies, Inc.

Hydrogen Technologies is focused on decarbonizing heat and steam applications with its zero-emissions hydrogen-based boiler solution.

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Hyundai Translead

Hyundai Translead is a leading manufacturer of dry and refrigerated van trailers, domestic containers, container chassis and converter dollies for the North American transportation industry.

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Haul trucks

Intelligent Energy Limited

Intelligent Energy is a UK-based fuel cell engineering business focused on the manufacture and development of hydrogen fuel cells for a range of markets.

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Aviation/aerospace, Buses / transit, Cargo handling equipment, Data center, Ferry, tugboat, Forklifts, Power generation, Trucks

Klickitat Valley Health

Klickitat Valley Health is a nonprofit care provider, operated by Public Hospital District #1 of Klickitat County, WA.
Klickitat Valley Health plans to rely on clean backup energy for its hospital operations.

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KLINGER IGI is an AS 9100 quality certified material conversion specialist and precision fabricator for multiple industries.

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Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston, North America’s premier potato company, manufactures innovative frozen potato, appetizer and vegetable products.

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Agriculture, Cargo handling equipment, Trucks


McCain Foods supplies frozen French fries, potato specialties, and appetizers to retail and foodservice customers around the globe.

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Agriculture, Trucks

Mitsubishi Corp.

Mitsubishi Corporation manufactures and markets a range of products, including energy, metals, machinery, chemicals and living essentials.

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Mitsubishi Power

Mitsubishi Power offers a range of technology solutions: Decarbonizing Power, Energy Storage, and Data & AI.

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Data center, Peaker plant


New Day Hydrogen seeds local hydrogen markets in North America with its proprietary HubStarter hydrogen production and fueling system. These systems produce hydrogen fuel on site with just water and electricity and offer centralized fleets a rapid, affordable alternative to batteries in their transition to zero emissions.

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Buses / transit, Gaseous H2 storage, Logistics, Project development, Truck delivery, Trucks

Noble Thermodynamic Systems

Noble Thermodynamics makes a closed-loop reciprocating engine with no exhaust. It recycles a noble gas working fluid, increasing the power generation efficiency while at the same time capturing all air pollutants, in particular, carbon dioxide.

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O-I Glass, Inc. manufactures packaging products of glass bottles for food, beverage, cosmetics, and other related industries.

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Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle is a government agency overseeing the seaport and airport of Seattle, Washington, United States.

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Cargo handling equipment, Trucks

Port of Tacoma

The Port of Tacoma is an independent seaport located in Tacoma, Washington. The Port serves greater Pierce County promoting trade, supporting family-wage jobs, and improving the environment. Port of Tacoma is part of Northwest Seaport Alliance.

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Cargo handling equipment, Trucks

Port of Willapa Harbor

It is the mission of the Port of Willapa Harbor to be a primary economic force in Pacific County through the development and maintenance of economic and community infrastructure, and the enhancement of business and workforce opportunities to insure the highest quality of life for our citizens.

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Cargo handling equipment, Trucks


Sojitz Corporation is a Japan based integrated trading company that operates in five business segments: Machinery, Energy and Metal, Chemicals, Lifestyle, and Others.

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SSAB is a Nordic and US based steel company that builds a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world through value added steel products and services.

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Power generation


#hydrogen systems for #mobility, global technological partner of #automotive industry, Symbio is a Faurecia and Michelin’s subsidiary

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Buses / transit, Forklifts, Trucks

The Papé Group Inc.

Papé offers new and used capital equipment, rental options, extensive parts inventories, and dedicated customer service to their customers.

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Haul trucks, Steam reformers, Trucks


The Tillamook County Creamery Association is a dairy cooperative headquartered in Tillamook County, Oregon, United States.

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Agriculture, Cargo handling equipment, Trucks

Tree Trop

Tree Top – Grower-owned co-op located in the heart of Washington’s apple country. For more than 50 years, we’ve produced premium, quality apple juices and fruit-based products from 100% USA apples.

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Williams Field Services (WFS)

The Williams Companies Inc. is an American energy company which processes and transports natural gas, petroleum and electricity generation assets.

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Pipeline transportation