Steam reformers

Air Products

Air Products is a world-leading industrial gases company that provides essential industrial gases, related equipment, and applications expertise to customers in dozens of industries.

H2 conversion, H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Compression, Electrolyzers - PEM, Gaseous H2 storage, Liquefaction, Liquid H2 storage, Pipeline transportation, Refueling station, Steam reformers, Truck delivery

baker hughes

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide.

H2 conversion, H2 production
Compression, Steam reformers

BayoTech, Inc.

BayoTech builds small-scale hydrogen production hubs and offers gas delivery and storage solutions to local customers.

H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Gaseous H2 storage, Steam reformers, Truck delivery

Haldor Topsoe

Topsoe is a global leader in catalysis and process technology driving optimal performance within solid oxide electrolysis, chemical processing, hydroprocessing, and emissions management.

H2 production
Electrolyzers - SOEC, Steam reformers

John Wood Group

Wood is a global leader in consulting and engineering, delivering solutions to critical challenges in energy and materials markets.

H2 end use, H2 production, Technical & business services
Consulting & advisory services, Refinery, Steam reformers

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey Plc is a specialty chemicals company. The Company operates in five divisions: Emission Control Technologies, which is a manufacturer of catalysts and catalyst systems for vehicles and industry; Process Technologies, which is a supplier …

H2 conversion, H2 end use, H2 production
Ammonia production, e-fuels production, Electrolyzers - PEM, Steam reformers, Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production, Trucks

Raven SR

Clean fuels company using patented Steam/CO2 Reformer technology to turn waste destined for landfill into clean hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels.

H2 production
Steam reformers

STARS Technology Corporation

The STARS Hydrogen Generator uses proven, microchannel process technology and additive manufacturing to mass produce modular chemical reaction systems that convert water and methane into hydrogen in an SMR process. With this technology, it transforms the natural gas grid into the hydrogen grid without pipelines or delivery vehicles.

H2 production
Steam reformers

The Papé Group Inc.

Papé offers new and used capital equipment, rental options, extensive parts inventories, and dedicated customer service to their customers.

H2 end use, H2 production
Haul trucks, Steam reformers, Trucks