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Air Liquide

Air Liquide SA, is a French multinational company that supplies industrial gases and services to various industries including medical, chemical, and electronic manufacturers.
Air Liquide is well known for its experience in cryogenic technologies but the firm is further expanding its presence in the green hydrogen value chain through electrolysis, storage, and transportation solutions.

H2 conversion, H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Electrolyzers - PEM, Liquefaction, Truck delivery

Air Products

Air Products is a world-leading industrial gases company that provides essential industrial gases, related equipment, and applications expertise to customers in dozens of industries.

H2 conversion, H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Compression, Electrolyzers - PEM, Gaseous H2 storage, Liquefaction, Liquid H2 storage, Pipeline transportation, Refueling station, Steam reformers, Truck delivery

BayoTech, Inc.

BayoTech builds small-scale hydrogen production hubs and offers gas delivery and storage solutions to local customers.

H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Gaseous H2 storage, Steam reformers, Truck delivery


HTEC works across the clean hydrogen value chain, developing, integrating, and operating clean hydrogen energy solutions in North American markets to enable the sector’s transition to a low-carbon future.

H2 conversion, H2 end use, H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Electrolyzers - PEM, Liquefaction, Refueling station, Truck delivery, Trucks


New Day Hydrogen seeds local hydrogen markets in North America with its proprietary HubStarter hydrogen production and fueling system. These systems produce hydrogen fuel on site with just water and electricity and offer centralized fleets a rapid, affordable alternative to batteries in their transition to zero emissions.

H2 end use, H2 production, H2 storage & transportation
Buses / transit, Gaseous H2 storage, Logistics, Project development, Truck delivery, Trucks

NovoHydrogen, Inc.

NovoHydrogen provides renewable hydrogen solutions to large-scale industrial customers, the transportation sector, and the power sector.

H2 production, H2 storage & transportation, Renewable energy production
Logistics, Pipeline transportation, Project development, Renewable energy developer, Truck delivery


Shell is a transnational, vertically integrated energy corporation.
Shell seeks opportunities across the entire hydrogen supply chain, including production, storage, transport via pipelines, shipping of hydrogen, and end-customer solutions.

H2 storage & transportation
Refueling station, Truck delivery

The Linde Group

Linde is a global leader in engineering and industrial, process and specialty gases with product and service offerings in over 100 countries. The company serves a variety of end markets including chemicals & energy, food & beverage, electronics, health…

H2 conversion, H2 storage & transportation
Compression, Liquefaction, Truck delivery