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Clean energy, responsible use of the earth’s resources, increased use of earth-abundant materials to reduced reliance on conflict minerals and elements, and the careful stewardship of the environment: these are some of the issues being explored at JCDREAM Symposium.

WE tacklE issues that threaten the sustainability of the world’s ecosystem.

This third annual symposium has the potential to create visible changes in Washington state policies, as well as making positive impacts on a national and global scale. Join us in a day of exploration as some of our region’s most distinguished scientific minds come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to the problems with rare earth elements and other critical materials inherent in the transformation now underway as we transition to renewable power generation and clean transportation.

collaborative learning:

  • Opening remarks by State Representative Norma Smith (10th District)
  • Keynote speaker Thomas Graedel, professor emeritus of industrial ecology and chemical engineering at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
  • Presentations by distinguished researchers and industry leaders on recent scientific breakthroughs and industry challenges:
    • Clean energy and storage
    • Structural and catalytic material
    • Extraction innovations
    • Urban mining
    • Earth-abundant material alternatives
    • And more…
  • Student showcase with demonstrations and poster presentations
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