We Believe in Change

Since 2015, the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM) has provided the organizational framework to stimulate innovation in the use of earth-abundant materials within an established and emerging industrial sector. A state-wide focus on developing earth-abundant materials technologies within the existing innovation and manufacturing competencies will help propel Washington state into a position of national leadership in sustainable manufacturing practices within large-scale (transportation) and growth (clean energy) industries.

Increased use of earth-­abundant materials in industrial sector applications is desirable because it will:

  • Ensure that the emerging clean energy transportation sector is built on a foundation of sustainable natural resources
  • Reduce the nation’s support of a source of international conflict financing, and
  • Advance the use of earth abundant materials sourced from environmentally and economically sustainable mining practices across major industries.

The people of Washington desire to leave behind a cleaner planet, and to lead the world in the research and innovations to make that possible. JCDREAM attracts academic talent and research funding to our state and develops a workforce for manufacturing next-generation earth-abundant technologies.


In 2015, ten members of the Washington state legislature — led by State Representative Norma Smith — sponsored a visionary bill creating the joint center for deployment and research in earth-abundant materials or JCDREAM.

“The legislature acknowledges that the people of Washington desire to leave behind a cleaner planet, and to lead the world in the research and innovations to make that possible. Setting aggressive, renewable energy and clean technology standards at home that result in exporting the environmental harms of improper mineral extraction to other nations is not an acceptable strategy. Fortunately, Washington is home to some of the world’s leading researchers who have core competencies in developing material substitutes and extracting rare earth elements for recycling. . . The legislature finds that to reach our energy, environmental, and economic goals, it is important to accelerate the development of next generation clean energy and transportation technologies in Washington.”

Click to read original bill          |         Click to read the bill as passed

Those visionary State Representatives are:

Norma Smith R- 10th Legislative District
Jeff Morris D- 40th Legislative District
Gael Tarleton D- 36th Legislative District
Jesse Young R – 26th Legislative District
Mike Sells D- 38th Legislative District
Dave Hayes R – Former Representative 10th District
Larry Haler R – Former Representative 8h District
Vincent Buys R- Former Representative 42nd District
Susan Fagan R – Former Representative 9th District
Shelly Short R- Former Representative 7th District


Hear from JCDREAM’s director, Aaron Feaver, about the deployment of cutting edge research to forward progress towards a carbon-neutral energy and transportation future.

Our Strategy

We seek to expand educational content around critical materials, rare earths, and materials science solutions to clean energy and transportation challenges.

Board of Directors

Our Board brings a diverse, unique perspective to our public purpose, supports our values and ensures JCDREAM delivers on our mission.

“No rare earth element mining has been conducted in the United States since 1995, and a legacy of environmental destruction has been left in countries where rare earth elements are mined. There is a clear need for additional research in alternative materials to rare earth materials as well as recycling innovation.”

Source: (EPA/600/R-12/572) 2012