Our Strategy

students with 3D printer

Collaborative Research and Development

The center will incubate, enhance, and sustain collaborative research and development efforts to advance materials science and engineering, and advanced manufacturing with a focus on clean energy and transportation technologies. JCDREAM will partner and collaborate with Washington State research facilities at universities, national labs, and private companies to establish design and manufacturing capabilities for clean energy innovation.

metal cutter

Regional Center for Transportation Materials and Manufacturing

The center will deploy a modern, responsive, and geographically distributed research and development infrastructure. It collectively integrates advanced capabilities and “signature” user facilities as a regional center for materials processing and manufacturing through the establishment of networked gateways located at (and operated by) the partner institutions and available to the JCDREAM community-at-large.

Education and Leadership

The center will implement an educational program that is responsive to the workforce and policy needs of the state of Washington. JCDREAM serves to help develop the educated and trained workforce required in advanced materials and manufacturing science and technology to support next-generation earth-abundant clean energy and transportation technologies. The center also provides national leadership and guidance to elected officials and supports industrial collaborators in bringing visibility to the importance of the challenge posed by unsustainable use of resources and rare earth minerals.