We won a hydrogen hub!

CHARGE is thrilled to announce that the U.S. Department of Energy selected the Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub (PNWH2 Hub) for award negotiations as a Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub – paving the way for the creation of a truly renewable, sustainable hydrogen economy in the PNW.

Who We Are

Founded by JCDREAM, CHARGE is an innovation cluster organization focused on green hydrogen and renewable e-fuels. We bring together changemakers from government, industry, academia/research, community and other key sectors to drive sustainable, equitable growth in the emergent hydrogen economy.

In pursuit of our mission, we’re proud to offer a unique set of resources that help carbon-conscious businesses and individuals explore new opportunities for growth. This includes a robust knowledge base, a strong network for cross-sector collaboration and multiple pathways to deepen understanding of the technological and economic landscape.

Together, we are helping lead the development of a thriving clean hydrogen economy and complete value chain in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond).


The green hydrogen and e-fuels economy is influenced by a host of technical, economic, policy and logistical factors. CHARGE studies these factors and delivers key insights and recommendations to our members. Working with CHARGE will help you to navigate the complex challenges and opportunities in the green hydrogen value chain.

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The Pacific Northwest is home to many engaged leaders in the green hydrogen and e-fuels space. By facilitating connections between stakeholders, we are accelerating the deployment of hydrogen and e-fuels projects/technologies across the region. Join our network and dive into a new world of exciting partnership possibilities.

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