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CHARGE is an innovation cluster organization focused on green hydrogen and renewable e-fuels. We bring together stakeholders from government, industry, academia & research, community, and other key organizations to drive sustainable, equitable economic growth.

CHARGE provides a knowledge base for navigating growth opportunities, a network for building trust-based collaborations, and pathways to deeper understanding of the technological and economic landscape. CHARGE provides valuable resources for startups or established companies looking to enter or explore new opportunities in the hydrogen economy.


The green hydrogen and e-fuels economy is influenced by several technical, economic, policy, and logistical factors. CHARGE studies these factors and delivers insights and recommendations to stakeholders. Working with CHARGE will help you to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the green hydrogen value chain.


The Pacific Northwest is home to many engaged stakeholders in the green hydrogen and e-fuels space. CHARGE enables collaboration to accelerate economic growth and the deployment of hydrogen and e-fuels projects and technologies. Working with CHARGE opens up extensive opportunities to connect with other stakeholders and explore collaborations.

Value Chain Insights

The Pacific Northwest is exceptionally well poised to become a hub of green hydrogen activity. Our mission is to support this nascent industry by facilitating the scale-up of operations while maximizing economic benefits for our local communities.

CHARGE works to grow the region’s green hydrogen ecosystem through data and research-backed decision support. We gather data and transform it into actionable insights to help decision-makers move forward with confidence.

CHARGE has built an extensive knowledge of the region’s technical, economic, and policy landscape as well as global trends in hydrogen and e-fuels. By studying the green hydrogen value chain we are able to identify growth sectors, challenges, and opportunities for joint innovation.

Database-Enabled Collaboration

CHARGE has built the most comprehensive database of green hydrogen stakeholders, subject matter experts, and projects in the Northwest.

We continually engage with our stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, goals, and needs in the hydrogen economy. CHARGE empowers the network to learn, collaborate, and innovate by leveraging our database of resources to create strategic and timely connections.

When you work with CHARGE, you are entered into our process to make the right connections for your needs. We save you the time it would take to figure out who’s who and let you get right to work.

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Track Connections


EDP Renewables is looking to explore opportunities for collaboration in Pacific Northwest to pursue our mission of accelerating the adoption of renewable hydrogen projects. We turned to CHARGE to help us deepen our understanding of of the activities and stakeholders in the regional hydrogen and and e-fuels space, and they helped us navigate to the right contacts very quickly. With an extensive network and deep regional knowledge, CHARGE has accelerated the process of finding the entities and decision-makers that are leading the way in the industry. We genuinely appreciate their help and look forward to integrating their expertise further as hydrogen opportunities continue to develop.

Antonio Fayad, H2 Strategy & Origination

EDPR North America

We would highly recommend CHARGE to anyone looking for a way to make impactful connections and informed decisions in the PNW’s hydrogen and e-fuels space quickly and efficiently.  CHARGE has been instrumental in speeding up our market potential evaluation in the Pacific Northwest. They reached into their extensive network and helped us make meaningful, high-value connections that have yielded very fruitful conversations. Working with CHARGE allowed us to dive straight into building relationships and opportunities with strong potential.

Sebastien David, H2 Energy and Mobility

Air Liquide

CSF Energy’s mission is to help Native Tribes and other clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond achieve their energy generation, conservation, and independence objectives to help create sustainability that lasts for generations. CHARGE has been instrumental in helping us connect with the right stakeholders in the regional hydrogen and e-fuels space to support our sustainability and cleantech projects. They were also able to help us with finding and evaluating next-generation technologies and business opportunities. We look forward to working with CHARGE as it expands its outreach at the regional and national level.

Patrick Mills, Vice President

CSF Energy

CHARGE Resources

Atmospheric implications of increased hydrogen use

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The study looks at the possible impact of hydrogen leakage on atmospheric composition, air quality, and indirect warming effect on climate, partially offsetting some of the climate benefits of the reduction in carbon dioxide.

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