Critical Minerals Considerations For a Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub Report

Mitigating resource risk and accelerating Washington state’s energy transition. Source: FP Analytics with support from JCDREAM.

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Critical minerals for WA

Critical Minerals For Washington State Report

Mapping the vital inputs fueling the energy innovation economy in Washington. Source: FP Analytics with support from JCDREAM

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Green Methanol White Paper

The role of e-methanol in the energy transition. Source: CHARGE

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Critical Materials in Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells White Paper

The role of platinum group metals in the green hydrogen production chain. Source: CHARGE

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Other Resources

Mineral Risk in the Green Hydrogen Transition

An assessment of green hydrogen production’s exposure to and mitigations against critical supply chain disruptions. Source: Ramboll

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H2 Matchmaker

H2 Matchmaker is an online information resource to assist hydrogen suppliers and users with self-identifying collaborators and opportunities to expand development toward realizing regional hydrogen hubs. Source: DOE

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WA Clean Fuel Standard

The Clean Fuels Program will curb carbon pollution from transportation, the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Washington. The Clean Fuel Standard is designed to decrease the carbon intensity of Washington’s transportation fuels. Source: WA State Department of Ecology

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Climate consequences of hydrogen leakage

Hydrogen is quickly getting attention as a clean fuel to prop transition to a decarbonized energy system. However, hydrogen is also an indirect greenhouse gas whose global warming potential is not well understood.

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Atmospheric implications of increased hydrogen use

The study looks at the possible impact of hydrogen leakage on atmospheric composition, air quality, and indirect warming effect on climate, partially offsetting some of the climate benefits of the reduction in carbon dioxide.

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Global H2 markets

The article discusses outlines of emerging hydrogen markets and future pricing mechanism that will facilitate future trade. G. Wakim Source: Clean Air Task Force

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