Hydrogen Value Chain

At CHARGE, we recognize the critical role of hydrogen in shaping the zero-carbon economy of the future. That’s why we’re committed to addressing decarbonization challenges throughout the entire low-carbon hydrogen value chain: from renewable energy production and engineering, to equipment manufacturing and off-take.

Drawing on our deep understanding of the region’s technical, economic and policy landscape, CHARGE is well-equipped to foster connection, collaboration and innovation at every step of the value chain (illustrated below).

Hydrogen: The Fuel Of The Future

Hydrogen is a remarkably versatile energy carrier, with the potential to solve a wide spectrum of energy transition challenges. As such, its share in the global energy market is poised for exponential growth.

According to the International Energy Agency, clean hydrogen is projected to account for 12% to 22% of global energy demand by 2050; a significant increase from its current share of less than one percent. Recent advancements in renewable energy production, water splitting and carbon capture technologies — along with the adoption of favorable government policies and heightened awareness of climate considerations — makes low-carbon hydrogen an increasingly-competitive alternative to conventional fuels and fossil-based industrial feedstocks.

Our Approach

To support the emergent hydrogen economy, CHARGE is proud to play a holistic role in the regional hydrogen value chain.

Bolstered by strong connections and deep expertise throughout the activity stream, we are uniquely positioned to gain key insights into the activities, products and skills of key players at every stage. We are also actively growing the region’s green hydrogen ecosystem through research-backed analysis: gathering data and transforming it into actionable insights to help decision-makers move forward with confidence. 

This holistic approach is how we help businesses, government, local communities and researchers identify sources of value, de-risk their investments, and expand their capacity for successful project implementation and joint innovation – all while growing a robust network of collaborators across the value chain.

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