Membership Process

Database-Enabled Matchmaking

CHARGE uses our robust network database and powerful analytics tools to identify the best strategic partners for you. From there, we’ll guide you through every step of our matchmaking process: from facilitating e-introductions and in-person meetings, to helping shape joint outcomes like project partnerships, grant applications, R&D projects and more.

This streamlined process helps you connect with the right people at the right time — and dive headfirst into fruitful collaboration.

Build Member Profile

Assess Commonalities


Track Connections

CHARGE Member Sample Report

At CHARGE, we are committed to driving measurable results for each of our members. That’s why we offer customized quarterly reports to track progress at every step of your journey. In the example report below, member company A has targeted 12 potential partners in renewables production, hydrogen production and H2 off-take; the state of each connection/collaboration is illustrated graphically, including milestones passed and stages yet to complete.